Song Heroes Music PR

Promoting Fall With Grace, Silent Machines, Warner Music, Universal, Sony Music, Awal Music, and Talented music acts.
Getting Music to where YOU want it to go. We deal with mass radio stations,TV, magazines, record labels/publishers and music social media plus MORE without expensive PR fees or false promises.

Working with a Talented Singer Tryra Juliette she has recently worked with Ed Sheeran and Jeoff Lynne/ELO At the 57 Grammy Awards. Also credited by Rita Ora and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith.

Warm welcome to Miro from Warner Music, Dan Birch from Awal Music, also Lion's Den from Korea. Hilary P from the 02 Academy Birmingham, Pepe Ortega winner of 3 international Grammys,  who has worked with international artists like, Massive Attack, and Nine Inch Nails. 

With over 250+ gig venues and booking agents for London, and the UK, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, Prague, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, USA and Worldwide. 

Now working alongside a company in Norway with mass Spotify sales across USA, UK, and Germany. 

We can only work with limited acts that display raw talent, hardwork, loyalty, consistancy, and a positive attitude. 

Email: [email protected] Tel: UK 07715214881

  1. Silent Machines
    Silent Machines
    Welcome to successful rock act Silent Machines by Liam Golder. Currently selling music via this site and with New E,P due out ' Rising Above The Storms' also singles available including new song New Tomorrow, and more.
  2. Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music PR
    Song Heroes Music was set up to support a selection of acts with different music/instrumentals included by promotion to radio, tv, labels, media, gigs, and other PR platforms such as youtube, soundcloud, facebook, and twitter. Music and radio packages from £99 to £160.
  3.  Breaking the Barriers
    Breaking the Barriers
    The Independent Management has been introduced to support the Music PR excel to a greater level within todays competitive and exciting Music Industry. It works by promoting various music, 80's, Hip hop, rock, and all genres by getting results on a massive level.
We Build Your Music

"Results For Your Songs"

We have had music on XFM, BBC Introducing, Radio 1, but alot of play covers UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Germany and much more on FM and regional stations, internet, and general radio stations across the World. We will not promise something we cannot deliver.



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Sussex Music Radio Sundays 9am-11am
Torbay Sound Radio Sundays 3pm-5pm
Universe Radio Sundays 6pm-8pm (CET)
Revival Internet Radio Sundays 8pm-10pm
CSFM Sundays 8pm - 10pm -
Core FM Sundays 10pm-12am

FM TeAnau Mondays 4.00pm (New Zealand) 88.3FM Only
Sofa King Radio Mondays 3-5pm (Arizona)
KLR Mondays 8pm - 10pm
Sword Radio Tuesdays 4pm-6pm

RFTK Radio Wednesdays 2pm-4pm
Go Go Radio Gibralta Wednesdays 3pm-5pm
The Box Online Radio Wednesdays 9pm-11pm
​Identify Radio Wednesdays 9pm-11pm
Torbay Sound Radio Wednesdays 8.30pm-10.30pm

African FM Thursdays 3am-5am
Identify Radio Thursdays 5pm-7pm
Stream Radio UK Thursday 6pm-8pm
Sussex Music Radio Thursdays 8pm-10pm
Mersey Radio Thursdays 8pm-10pm
KFM Radio Thursdays 8pm-10pm
RTI Thursdays 8pm-10pm (CET)
United Sounds Choice Thursday 8pm-10pm
Barry FM - Thursdays 9pm-11pm
Sofa King Radio Fridays 6-8am (Arizona)
​Preston Hospital Radio Fridays 12pm-2pm
KCEG Radio Fridays 1pm-3pm (CST)
Kint Fridays 5pm - 7pm (Mountain) ​
Way Out Radio Fridays 7pm-9pm
Worsley Radio Fridays 8pm-10pm
Griffin FM Fridays 8pm-10pm -
Base Radio Fridays 9pm-11pm
Long Beach Community Media Corporation (LBCTMC) (California) Fridays 7-9pm 99.1fm & ​

​Sussex Music Radio Saturdays 9am-11am
920 WON : The Apple (New York) Saturdays 7pm - 9pm​
Sofa King Radio Saturdays 10pm-12am (Arizona)